Move & Manifest Club


£22.22 / month

We are excited to invite you to the Move & Manifest Club.

This is a dedicated space for you to plug in to and have it all in one place. It’s a gym membership for your mind, body and soul if you will, focusing on 3 key areas: MOVEMENT, MINDFULNESS & MANIFESTATION.

These have been the 3 areas fundamentally that have given me the ability to thrive, heal and grow as a person. I’ve spent 11yrs in the health, wellness and coaching field and gained lots of knowledge and experience in that time. Not just that but the life experiences along the way. All shaping me into a better version of my self.

When my life took some sharp turns over the years, more so since May 21; I was faced with making difficult decisions and one that would take me on a completely different path. It opened up so much for me and I needed tools, tools to help me elevate to that next level but also heal deeply. Rebuild my life from the ground up and finally show up as the person I wanted to be.

I want this for you. For you to be able to have one space for it all!!
What will you find in the Move & Manifest Club?

These are my favourite topics when it comes to improving ourselves; movement, mindfulness and manifestation. Each play a beautiful role and compliment each other so well!!

Movement – you will be guided through various different work outs which include fat burning HIIT to connecting flowing yoga. Learning how movement impacts our body more than just physical but spiritual. How it can truly change our lives.

Mindfulness- so many layers to this topic with so much content to cover. Nutrition being part of it, mindful eating and learning what serves our bodies and what doesn’t. Optional guides to follow and implement into your life. Not just that but guided meditations to help calm the mind, learn how to adopt a higher vibration outlook on life but with out ignoring those lower vibration feelings which also serve us and not to be ignored. Connecting to our thoughts and what we are focusing on. Just as a brief over view!

Manifestation- one topic I’ve used to create all my successes including this platform for you all is manifestation. Guiding you through what you truly want from life and also how to get it! Visualising and building your vision and creating a vision board.
Guided meditations that focus on manifestation.

Just giving you a bit of a teaser there! In the group there will be:

  • Live work outs
  • Nutritional support
  • Q&A’s
  • Prizes and giveaways
  • Challenges
  • Competitions
  • Meditations
  • Workshops
  • Focus groups
    And so much more…

All for £22.22 a month. Less than £0.70p a day. Like I said a gym membership for it all – but instead of walking into the club wandering around wondering what to do, we got you! We guide you, we support you and we help you through it all.
Better yet you are surrounded by others on the same journey. When we are in proximity of people who want the same it makes it much more easier to achieve what we set out to do!

You are here for a reason, whatever the reason is; you’ve been called to take a step for yourself. To better yourself in whatever way you see for yourself. You are deserving of this, worthy of this!

What is the cost of you continuing on this current path? Remember for things to change things need to change. What will happen if you stay in this space your living in now? What could happen if things stayed the same? Then ask yourself what if you made some simple healthier changes that will last a life time and take you on a different path? A happier and healthier one? What could you create, be, have and share living as a better version of you?

This is your opportunity to elevate.
We invite you to be part of the club that is going to help you create a healthier and happier you in soooo many different ways. And we look forward having you in this beautiful space with us all, having fun, growing, learning and evolving.

Let’s Move and Manifest together to better and happier..

Love and light, Katie Joem



There are 3 elements to the club; Movement, Mindfulness and Manifestation. Each element we dive in each week to improve on what we want to achieve. Helping you through these wonderful areas improves your life for the better.

These areas have been a big factor in the health, mindset and life I have now. They’ve all contributed to help me become a better version of myself and even to heal parts of me also.


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