Welcome and thank you so much for visiting my website, it’s truly an honor to have you here.

I have now been in the Wellness and Mentoring field for 11 years. I cannot believe a decade has gone by. I have learned so much in that time that I am able to give so much value to you all and help you go to that next level in your own life.

What I am now, was not who I was 10 years ago. I was living at home with my parents, working 3 jobs and felt like a lost soul. I didn’t really have any passion on purpose. I was surviving rather than thriving. Not the way I wanted to live. I had goals, aspiration and a direction where I wanted my life to go.

I was broke and unhealthy and unhappy.

My life turned around when I started my own business through network marketing, finding a product and company that aligns with everything that is important to me.

Less than 3 years after starting, I became the No 1 female income earner in Europe and changed the direction of the company forever. Better yet we were changing lives globally but thinking locally. Truly an amazing opportunity and it enabled me to do some really cool things and build towards my dreams.

Where I am now is a whole spiritual journey, 11yrs has been a long time to grow and change and so much has happened in that time. Out of it came my beautiful little girl, who is now nearly 5. Ive been through so much. It taught me so much and why I want to create a space to really help people with all I’ve learned and gained from my experiences. Some of my biggest areas I teach now are Movement; becoming a certified Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness; around how we think, act and show up, also being mindful of what we do to our bodies with the food we eat, the things we watch and the people we surround ourselves with, Manifestation; using the power of intention and manifesting what we truly want for our life, to achieve what we set out to do and become. Manifestation is very powerful when applied and believed in.

All of my practices I have created have ultimately helped guide me through life in so many ways and achieve everything I have put my mind to.

With all of the above I have created a community and space for people to be part of and work on all of those areas of their life. Guiding you and holding your hand to reach your potential. Better yet feeling part of something, to feel accountable, seen and heard.

I’m very excited for what’s to come for the next decade of my life – I am thankful you are here with me and looking further into what I do.

Let’s work together and make it magical.
Big love, Katie Joem